Why you should learn to become a goalkeeper with Luca Giuliani rather than any other soccer coach in Australia.


You'll have a lot more fun.
Soccer is a game, right? You're meant to enjoy yourself. But as obvious as that may seem, Luca is the only soccer coach in this country using teaching techniques and tactics specially developed to let you have fun while you learn.

This unique, user-friendly system was created by Claudio Del Ciello, Luca's mentor back in Rome.

Not just new and different, but much better.
Claudio had used traditional methods for many years, but around the new millennium he started to notice that kids were becoming more interested in playing video games, surfing the Net, ripping tunes and other less physical diversions.

So he started looking for new ways to make his students want to learn. After a fair bit of trial and error, he came up with a distinctly different system that had kids returning to football and showing more enthusiasm than ever before.

In very basic terms, he replaced boring, repetitive drills with realistic, intuitive exercises. Instead of just doing what you're told, you're encouraged to experiment, make mistakes and learn from them. Not only more effective, but heaps more fun.

You learn how to handle the extra pressure.
One part of goalkeeping that's not always so much fun has to do with stress. As the goalkeeper's role has expanded in recent years, so have your responsibilities. Effectively you're the coach's voice on the field. The spotlight's on you.

So a vital part of the Del Ciello System deals with the mental side of the No. 1 position. Having gone through it himself and learned in person with Claudio, Luca knows well how to cope with the pressures of goalkeeping.

Just one more ability he'll be teaching you.

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